Your story in pictures


On the Wedding Day both bride and groom are so emotional, happy ,overwhelmed that the whole day will be going so fast . All those month of planning , will disappear in less than twenty-four hours... Although we recommend all couples to concentrate just on themselves and their guest ( as we will be doing everything else!), most often than not you will find hard to remember certain things Your wedding pictures or a short movie will make it possible for you to re-experience that day again and again , catching this time all those beautiful details you might have missed.

Opera Wedding collaborates with specialized Wedding Photographers and videographers. Tell us what style you prefer whether a classic approach or a modern reportage shooting and we will introduce you to the professional that will interpreter your wishes.

We have developed long lasting collaboration and are sure that our photographers/videographers Will deliver long lasting , beautiful pictures, capturing all important moments but also the funny bits without ever being intrusive.


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