Opera Wedding will make the planning process a smooth and enjoyable experience. The key words to effective planning are: organization and creativeness. Our long term experience has made us very effective in crafting and visualizing a concept and then transfer it into a reality.

We will guide you through the many decisions you will have to face : everything from invitation wording to honeymoon choice! Unlike you this will not be our first time so we will avoid you those obvious mistakes inexperienced couples do.

We will oversee everything, right to the tiniest details, so leave all the stressful part to us! We know the region on which we operate inside out and we collaborate with the best skilful suppliers, with that extra flair that makes the difference.

Opera Wedding will be your reference point, that constant help during all preparations for your special occasion. The day of the event will be personally coordinated by one of us, as an essential guarantee to perfection.

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