Torino and the Castles

Torino is a city of royal charm, on the river Po. Capital of the Savoy kingdom since the second half of the sixteenth century , it hosted the National Parliament after the unification of Italy , it is in fact from here that the whole unity process started.

Art city with an important reputation , it offers solemn monuments of the House of Savoy, the grandiosity of an ex capital, a fervent intellectual movement and a scented culinary tradition.

The Canavese, is surrounded by hills and green valleys and it is a magic corner of Piedmont that offer an incredible trunk of treasures : the marvelous castles on its panoramic hilltops , the hundred years old parks and gardens, the ancient Churches still recollect its important past.

Acqui Terme AcquiTerme beloved town since the antiquity for its thermal waters, represents a special place to restore and bliss. The Romans made it an important thermal and a crucial stop for trade. The sea can be heard behind the hills , still reminiscent of its Medieval past and of important families that ruled the commercial routes between the North west and France. One can still recall the verses of the “troubadours” amid the many castles and towers. Also This unique corner of water is a land of magic ; there are a lot of legends that chant of demons and witches that inhabit this enchanted location.

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