Florence and the Renaissance


The Renaissance period in Tuscany coincides with the apotheosis of the influence of Florence and the establishing of the Medici lineage. It is the time of great artists and thinkers , when humanist desire to imitate and revive the beauty of ancient Greece, and to have that beauty surround them in their daily lives, that produced the wealth of superb art that is one of the hallmarks of Renaissance culture.


Founded by Romans where the river Arno narrows ; Florence, cradle to Renessaince and Humanism is one of the most attractive and visited cities all over the world. Its historic centre is surprisingly small and the best and only way to visit it is on foot! The most beautiful square is with no doubt the Dome square with the Cathedral ofSanta Maria del Fiore andtheBattistero. Piazza della Repubblica and Piazza della Signoria, with its majestic Palazzo Vecchio, now the Town hall , are a must see leading to the Galleria degli UffiziandPonte Vecchiowith the many boutiques of goldsmiths and the breath taking colours of the city lights at sunset.

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