Baroque Splendour

From XVI century, the predominance of Spain becomes visible in Sicily especially in the arts, with a strong post reformation influence and a rich and exuberant baroque style.

With the volcanic eruption in 1963 that destroyed most of the southeastern part of the region, Sicilian baroque meant the rebirth of this wide strip of land.

Siracusais a great city, famous for the impressivemonuments and the strong bond with the Greeks that for so long ruled it in the past and brought it to its maximum splendour.

Ortigia island, the heart of Siracusa to which it is connected only by a short bridge is the most fascinating part of the city, with its beautiful Baroque. Ortigia is intimate and preserves numerous important artworks . A stroll in the city centre is like living its history , every corner hides spectacular architecture and elegant buildings. Ortigia becomes alive in its charming seafront with the typical fish trattorias where you can soak up the sun while enjoying the delights of Sicilian cooking.

Noto,is so impressive that it has been considered world heritage by the Unesco.
This stone city is full of grandiose buildings, majestic staircases, rich solemn Churches, all displayed one after the other on the main street, where the stone changes colour from pink to gold according to the sunlight.

Modica. Noble and opulent town, it the pastit has been an important cultural and political site. Its historic centre has kept its charm with the large aristocratic streets and the tiny alleys that hide small chocolate factories andcrafts boutiques.

Ragusa parted in two main suburbs: the new town and the old Ibla. After the big earthquake the aristocracy preserved the old town, that is now a treasure box of Baroque architecture, with the San Giorgio Cathedral being the most important example. The peasantry and the middle class gave birth to the new town that has a modern concept with long symmetric elegant streets. The books of Camilleri together with the celebrated TV series of Montalbano have made Ragusa famous worldwide. The culinary tradition has also contributed to its popularity with foreign visitors.


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