Mediterranean Gems

Discovering Sicily means to become fascinated by the light of the sky and the blue of the sea A beautiful scenery : myriads of little coves , long beaches of fine sand or pebbles and rocky cliffs with numerous colour shades ranging from ochre to grey and to the deep black of the lava stone. The deep sea and the coastal areas, keep alive the memories of legends and myths; one can almost hear the charismatic chanting of mermaids calling for the sailors.

The Aeolian Islands are an hurray of colours:the black sand of Vulcano, the white pumice in Lipari,the red of the hot lava flow in Stromboli, the limestone ofPanarea, the yellow broom of Filicudi,the purple inAlicudi, the green capers ofSalina. Seven pearls with a similar volcanic origin but each so different and unique.

Palermois the capital of Sicily and has never ceased to surprise the visitors, especially for these two special locations: the spectacular golf Mondello, with its white sandy beach and clear water, and theMonte Pellegrino,that Goethe once described as the most beautiful promontory in the world. Very crowded in summer it is at its best at the start of spring and autumn.

Cefalù is a charming fisherman‘s village of Medieval origins. It lies in the centre of the Northern coast of Sicily, in the province of Palermo and it’s one of the 15 Borghi of the Madonie Park
The most distinctive symbol is the massive Cathedral built like a fortress by Ruggero II in 1131. It is truly enjoyable to walk along the tiny pebbled streets of the town on a good sunny dayand to admire a fantastic sunset at the beach.

Taormina, has ancient origins and its charm fascinates the numerous visitors that everyday crowd the tiny Medieval streets to admire the breath-taking views and appreciate superb archaeological sites.
In the past few centuries, Taormina has lived through many domination: the Greeks, the Romans, the Goths, the Byzantines , Arabs and the Bourbons.
It is thanks to the interest of many artists like Goethe, Maupassant and Rouelthat Taormina became so famous as holiday resort for the elite and the royalties of Europe. Taormina became synonymous of high society and today one can still enjoy the traces of this glorious past although it has become now more accessible to the average tourist .

Starting our tour from the marine port of Torre Archirafi , in the famous “ riviera del limoni” one can reach another two coastal villages, Acitrezza, where the mythological story of the Cyclops and the gestures of Ulysses took place, and Acicastello,an ancient town of Normannorigins that enchants still today with the impressive castle on the Sea.

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